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Trongsa is one of the districts in central Bhutan. Its name Trongsa means new village. The temple was built in 1543 by lama Ngagi Wangchuk which later in 1644 Chokhor Raptse Dzong was built and it use to be the seat of power of the Wangchuck Dynasty. Traditionally any king before becoming a king he has to be first become Trongsa Penlop (Governor) then only he will be crowned as the King of Bhutan. This town is situated on a steep ridge and offers spectacular views of the deep valleys surrounding it. The various hotels, guesthouses and restaurants all offer stunning views from their balconies. Trongsa Dzong is easily visible from anywhere in town and is always an impressive sight as it is situated atop a steep ridge that drops off into the clouds on its south side.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Chendebji Chorten, Ta Dzong Museum Trongsa

Trongsa Tours

Trongsa Tours

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